Rules for Reserving CSC Notebook

  1. All Main Campus (both full-time and part-time) students are eligible to borrow the notebook computers from CSC Service Counter. When the student borrows the computer, s/he assumes financial responsibility for it. If the computer were stolen or damaged, the user would be billed the amount derived from its original price, lifetime, and depreciation costs.
  2. Students belonged to Telford Annex are not allowed to borrow these notebook computers.
  3. The following loan periods are defined:
    - one loan session from Monday to Friday: 08:45 to 22:00
    - one loan session on Saturday: 08:45 to 21:00
    - one loan session on Sunday 13:00 to 17:30
    - no loan on public holidays
  4. Computer Reservation System (CRS - a new web-based reservation system integrating with the Banner system) is developed for students to reserve CSC workstations and notebook computers. A scoring system is used to accumulate scores from reservations, checkouts, cancellations, late returns, violation of rules, and set the privilege of reservation for each student. The higher the scores, the lower the privilege.
  5. According to the priority score, students are divided into 3 classes namely A, B & C.
    Class A (priority score from 0 to 48) can reserve notebook computer 2 days in advance.
    Class B (priority score from 49 to 96) can reserve notebook computer 1 day in advance.
    Class C (priority score greater or equal to 97) can reserve notebook computer on the same day.
  6. Even with no reservation, notebook computers will be provided only when available.
  7. For any loan notebook computers that are returned after the closing time of the Mobile Computer Service on the same day the notebook is borrowed, the system will mark the transaction as `late return'. While additional priority points will be added to the student, a fine of HK$100 per day (including public holidays) will also be imposed. You will not be allowed to borrow another notebook computer until the payment is settled.

Rules for Reserving CSC Workstation

  1. All available time slots are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  2. You can reserve a time slot three days in advance, or on Friday four days ahead.
  3. The total number of time slots reserved by an account is limited to four.
  4. Each student will be given an annual reservation quota of 300 hours. Extra reservation hours will be given to students subject to the approval of their course/project supervisors.
  5. Reservation system access will be denied if the reservation account expires.
  6. A reserved time slot cannot be shared or transferred among students.
  7. Valid reserved hours for students are from 09:00 to 23:00.
  8. Each reserved session is one hour long. All sessions start at the start of an hour, i.e. 09:00, 19:00, etc.
  9. A user with valid reservation has the right to request another user who is using the reserved terminal to leave at once. If the workstation is logged in but the user without reservation is not there and does not show up within 5 minutes, his/her workstation can be logged out without notice. In this situation, neither the user with the valid reservation nor the CSC shall be responsible for any damage or loss of data, programmes, or belongings.
  10. If you reserve a workstation, you must show up within the first 15 minutes. Otherwise, the reservation will automatically become invalid. The workstation will be given to another user on a first-come-first-served basis and you will not be able to reclaim the workstation as mentioned in point 9.